Meet ZORBZ water balloons

Every water battle has a winner. With Insta-Seal technology, our water balloons fill faster and seal themselves. Now you can have twice the fun and splash your way to hero status. The days of tying are over. Instead, seal in a victory with ZORBZ.

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Introducing Zorbz Toys!

Want to guarantee your chances of winning Zorbz battles? Check out our new line of Combat Accessories. Whether you choose the Combat Trigger Filler, the Combat Shield, the Combat Power Pump, or the Combat Launcher – or all of them – make sure you have upper hand in your Zorbz battle.

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Arming yourself is easy

  1. Fill.

    Don’t waste your energy fighting with the faucet. Simply place the neck of ZORBZ on the nozzle and fill.

  2. Snap.

    Remove ZORBZ from the nozzle, pull up the neck of the balloon, and… SNAP!

  3. Seal.

    Watch it seal faster than you can say, "ZORBZ!" And prepare to drench your foes.

Never tie again. See how ZORBZ work.

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Available in 100 and 50 count

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