ZORBZ secrets revealed

Wondering how ZORBZ give you the edge in battle? Here, you can read up on ZORBZ Snap and Seal™ technology and more.


balloon basics

Where are ZORBZ made?

ZORBZ are proudly made right here in the USA and assembled in Mexico.

Why are ZORBZ so much fun?

Since you don’t have to stop to tie, ZORBZ make it easier for you to soak your opponent and claim victory. How fun is that?

How many colors do ZORBZ come in?

ZORBZ come in 6 colors: blue, orange, purple, red, yellow and white.

How do ZORBZ work?

First, place the neck of ZORBZ on the filler nozzle, slowly filling the ZORBZ water balloon while holding it in an upright position, until it is about the size of an orange.


Next, remove ZORBZ from filler nozzle by gently pinching the neck, hold the balloon upright, slightly stretch the neck, let go of the neck to allow Snap and Seal technology to seal the balloon without having to tie it!


ZORBZ seal instantly so playing with water balloons twice as easy with double the fun!

What are ZORBZ?

ZORBZ are the world’s first self-sealing water balloon with Snap and Seal technology. That means you no longer have to tie before you throw.

buying zorbz

How many ZORBZ come in one pack?

You can buy ZORBZ in 50 or 100 count packs. You can also find them in stores near you here.

Are ZORBZ available in bulk quantity for my party, reunion or large group water balloon fight?

Yes, please call 844-21-ZORBZ (96729) to find out more information and place your order.

Where can I buy ZORBZ?

Track down stores that sell ZORBZ near you here.

fun & games

Are there any fun games that I can play with ZORBZ?

You bet! And our team is play testing them right now. Check back soon for games & party ideas.

What happens when you throw ZORBZ at your sibling?

You may have started a war, but at least you have ZORBZ on your side to assist in victory.

Are there any ZORBZ accessories or toys available?

Our ZORBZ discoverers are traveling the universe right now to find toys that will give you the ultimate, out-of-this-world, water balloon fight. Check back soon to see what we’ve found.

safety first

Are ZORBZ safe to throw at Aliens and Extra Terrestrials?

ZORBZ are always safe to throw at Aliens and Extra Terrestrials. But be warned — they will have their own ZORBZ to throw back.

Are ZORBZ safe for my kids?

Yes, ZORBZ are safe. But as with all balloons, keep ZORBZ away from babies to avoid the danger of suffocation. Additionally, the bag is not a toy and it is highly recommended that Adults should always be present when ZORBZ are being used for children under 8.

How long will ZORBZ stay sealed after I’ve filled them?

ZORBZ are most effective when filled 20 minutes before tossing them.

Are ZORBZ safe for the environment?

Yes, ZORBZ are made from 100% biodegradable latex and are safe for the environment.

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